Quickly Learn Linux – Mediawiki Deployment

Quickly Learn Linux – Mediawiki Deployment

I like to throw this at fresh grads and interns coming on as software/systems/support engineers. It’s a good task to get your feet wet with Linux and learn a few basics. It’s a very simple full stack application to deploy. Php is widely used as is MySQL. For my quick tutorials I chose to go with MySQL 5.6, Apache(httpd), and Php.

MediaWiki Deployment Overview

Deploying Mediawiki involves the following

  • Install and configure MySQL for MediaWiki
  • Install and configure Php
  • Install and configure Web-Server
  • Install MediaWiki

How to Install and Deploy MediaWiki

I’m going to assume you have already installed and setup MySQL, Php, and your Apache instance as outlined in the other tutorials. This blog will only outline installing and some configuratoins of MediaWiki.

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