Devops, Systems Engineering, and Software

Devops, Systems Engineering, and Software

Hey welcome to my site. Check it out, I’ll mainly be keeping up with devops, engineering, software development here but you can find some of my other projects across a few different blogs. I run this site just to have my own instance of wp running where I can test things, and so I get some hands on experience with google analytics.

Devops, software, and engineering

If you’ve made it here I’m going to assume it was through one of the many subreddits I visit (special shoutout to /r/homelab, /r/devops, and /r/linuxadmin) or maybe it was from somewhere one of my articles has come in handy to help out with a technical situation. So if you’re here for devops, engineering, and software you’re in the right place.

What’s next

If you’ve read through the above and checked out my about me page then you’ll probably stay tuned for more content. I’m going to be throwing out random articles about technologies I’ve worked with. I’ve more recently been placed in an infosec role, you can probably expect more posts related to infosec in the future.